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Florida climate and weather conditions can pose a real problem for a normal dock or deck. This is why you need a quality one built for your specific waterfront location. Serenity Brothers understands the importance of building quality solutions that last. We custom design and build boat docks and decks tailored to your unique property. Our team is dedicated to bringing your waterfront vision into a reality. Don’t waste your time driving to a dock when you live on the water.
Dock and covered deck in Jacksonville, FL

Quality Built Boat Docks and Decks

Serenity Brothers has been building waterfront docks and decks for over 15 years. Developing practical, innovative, and durable construction for your preferences and unique location. We serve both commercial and residential properties around the Jacksonville, Florida area. Providing high-quality and functional waterfront solutions for residents and businesses.
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Type of Docks We Design and Install

A dock extends your property out past the water’s edge. It allows you to walk out on the water without getting your feet wet. Here are the three major types of docks available:

Permanent Docks

A permanent dock, also known as a stationary dock, is fixed in a specific location. This is because it connects to the water’s floor using pilings. These docks are built using wood, composite, and concrete. They are ideal for waterfront properties with frequent waves or choppy waters.

Aluminum Docks

An aluminum dock is lightweight, sturdy, and durable because of its lasting material. These docks typically last up to 30 to 50 years depending on the weather conditions. This makes them a very popular choice for waterfront property owners in Florida.

Floating Docks

A floating dock is a great, cost-efficient way to own a dock without being stuck with a stationary build. Serenity Brothers uses CanDock Module Floating Systems for superior configuration options. They are safe, sturdy, and lightweight with no maintenance required.

Docks and Decks Photo Gallery

Below are just a few examples of the docks and decks built by Serenity Brothers in Jacksonville, Florida. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

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Great company that provides above and beyond quality work! Our job was a challenging one, but Serenity Brothers took on the challenge, and our dock came out even better than we could have imagined.
Mary H.
Jacksonville, FL

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