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Living on the water has many perks and is what Florida property owners have always dreamed of. To maintain beauty and safety, waterfront property needs a solid foundation and protection. Without it, erosion will eat away your land by slowly eliminating the surface area. Bulkheads are shore stabilizers that create a barrier between the land and waterline. This wall helps to reduce the risk of potential flooding and premature land erosion.
Bulkhead on private property in Jacksonville

Why Bulkheads Benefit Waterfront Properties

  • Saves you money by preventing avoidable land damage resulting in expensive repairs.
  • Keeps your property above the water by separating the waterline from dry land.
  • Creates a more clear and defined property line.
  • More appealing and scenic compared to a seawall.
  • Supports fencing to be installed along the water’s edge.
  • Creates a sound structure necessary for boat dock or deck construction.

The Difference Serenity Brothers Makes

Protect your land and enhance your property value with a quality built bulkhead. Call Serenity Brothers today at (904) 619-7191 to request an on-site evaluation and an honest quote.

Bulkheads Photo Gallery

Below are just a few examples of the bulkheads built by Serenity Brothers in Jacksonville, Florida. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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Serenity Brothers replaced our failing Bulkhead. Quality craftsmanship at a very fair price. The crew was extremely professional and completed our job quicker than expected. Very pleased with the outcome . We would definitely recommend them.
Lauren T.
Jacksonville, FL

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